Both inside and outside Lucca’s walls

Apart from the obvious geographical attractions of beaches, mountains, valleys and hills, there are numerous smaller towns, historic villages and castelli within the province of Lucca. Each place has its various festivals and sagras at certain times of the year celebrating food and wine, saints and other events. Linking many of the great villas such as Villa Reale at Marlia, Villa Mansi, Villa di Camigliana (Torrigiani) is the Strada del Vino e dell’Olio  (or Oil and Wine Road) both north and south of Lucca towards the centre of wine-making at Montecarlo. 

Inside the walls are also many festivals and exhibitions every week and many are held within Lucca’s famous palazzi such as Villa Bottini, Palazzo Pfanner and Palazzo Cenami. Still to mention are the numerous churches in almost every street and piazza such as Cattedrale di San Martino, Basilica di San Frediano, Chiesa di San Michele in foro and Chiesa San Paolino to name just a few. Each church and palazzo contain a great variety of famous sculptures, paintings and relics to be seen and admired. The lists are endless!