We look to capture the characters, stories and experiences of the quintessential Italian city of Lucca. A friendly, knowledgeable local artist and curator in the heart of perfectly preserved Tuscany.  

Creating original art from scenes, experiences and photos, we can work to a variety of briefs for example we have completed a series of five paintings (one of each sibling of a family) from photos. We have been commissioned to paint local scenic views, local characters for Lucca restaurants and classic ‘Lucchese’ scenes for visitors. If you have photos you love of friends or family that you would like recreated into paintings, we’d love to talk to you.

We love living in the heart of a small, connected and inter-dependant Italian community. The ‘local economy’ is in full flow in Lucca. Time spent assisting with the olive harvest repaid in wine. Olive oil traded for Aperol Spritz. Focaccia for flowers. Cycling guiding for dinner. We have immersed ourselves in this culture and so are a local resource able to give and share our experience of Lucca in an informed, interesting and relaxed manner.

Those visiting want to ensure they see, experience and capture the best of the city. Be it shops, restaurants, historical buildings, art or their own painting.... We therefore offer bespoke advice, insight and if required, immersive experience of Lucca for clients. Ultimately we look to put Lucchese experiences, people and culture onto canvas. 

We like to recreate images of the city based on what interests our clients about Lucca and Italy; taking them to less obvious places; discussing the important features of the City, its people past and present and giving them an experience of Lucca that can save time, energy, frustration and expense. We then turn those experiences into memories through commissioned art.  


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